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Discussing Purpose with Greg McCoy

Mindset & Motivation

Discussing Purpose with Greg McCoy

In this Video we meet with Greg McCoy, part owner of several amazing companies such as …destination Dallas, Better Bodies and GASP. Better Bodies is Global men’s and women’ fitness lifestyle brand and apparel company ( GASP is a global men’s only training and lifestyle brand ( …destination Dallas is a fitness community and gym located in North Dallas/Plano, Texas ( We went over a few important and exciting releases from both brands:

These women’s tights are one of Better Bodies’s biggest releases of 2017. As Greg explains in the video Camo is an important trend for the next 2 years, and white is one of the hottest colors for female training wear this year.
These men’s ¾ link tights are an innovation from Better Bodies. Greg explains that they used a fabric popular in the outdoor apparel world to reinforce the thighs to help with the common issue of tearing when sliding a bar across your thighs when deadlifting or Olympic lifting. Greg also explained how layering is a popular men’s fitness look, so these go great under a pair of shorts.
Greg showed an unreleased GASP shirt that’s the 2.0 of the above shirt. This image was a viral shot in 2012, and this particular shirt was an industry favorite around the world.

Discussing Purpose

While discussing this topic with Greg McCoy we talk about staying on track, knowing your purpose, listening to yourself, and keeping your area of focus when waking up in the morning and reading your studies to make sure you are going in the right direction to do what you need to do and staying on track with your calling and purpose.

Finding your purpose involves listening to yourself and knowing your skillset

– Pay attention to what your good at
– Pay Attention to what you find is interesting and fun
Don’t let yourself fall into something just because the general way society believes is the “Norm” like work or how life should be lived i.e. 9-5 job.

Going against the grain: your going to reinvent yourself eventually

Going against the grain, finding your interest, and what you want in life eventually leads to reinventing yourself by the way you live your life and making massive changes in your career and work life.
The sooner you learn to listen to yourself and what your naturally drawn to, you will be one step closer to fulfilling your purpose.

“Competent could be one of the most dangerous things in this world”

Being competent in daily life or a work setting could be extremely dangerous to your growth. Being competent could cause someone to “settle” and not seek for improvement and growth for bigger and better things in life.
If your kinda good at something you need to keep in check that your neglecting what you could be the best at.
Don’t be kinda good, be the best!
How to keep From Settling or being Competent

– Seek Mentors

– Reading Books

– Listening to Podcast (—>Check out My New Podcast Here to help push and motivate you in the right direction<—)

How do you find your Purpose?

Make sure you have your personal life in order by having the following:
1.) Stability:  which could be a roof over your head or having things in order in your personal life.
2.) Acceptance: this could be accepting who you are as a person and confidence in yourself.
3.) Love:  having affection and love towards a spouse or family
Once you have those 3 things in check you’ll be able to evaluate and completely focus on what you can be great at and start to live in your purpose.
Having a daily routine and staying on track will help you evolve, it will help you stay in tune with your purpose, and keep you in check.
– Continue to be honest with yourself:

Be real and ask yourself, are you doing what your really want? Are you living the life you want?


– Keeping a Consistent time of waking up early and being with YOU for an Hour or so:
Starting the day off with having time to yourself by listening to what you want and need in life with no distractions by NOT checking emails, texts, or social media, just listen to yourself.
You can start your day by writing down your thoughts or writing down what your thankful for or by reading a book that could help improve you or your understanding of what you want.
Having that reflectance period in the morning to make sure your good and making sure your happy and that your going in the direction that serves your purpose.
The more people you interact with, you may end up with their baggage. Thats why having a “Reflectance period” is so important by taking personal time so you don’t carry others negativity.

Getting your MIND right along with your BODY

Over the past 11 months I have been working on a program to help people become more healthy with their mental state along with their physical state. The program is called Transformation BluePrint from
this program is completely FREE to increase the number of healthy and positive people in this world.
Greg and I believe fitness has the capability to change the world for the better. As greg says “ If you take one person from unhealthy to healthy, that person is a positive force in the world now, and if you can change enough of those people, you can make a huge positive impact in world as a whole.”
Download your FREE Transformation BluePrint HERE to make a positive impact in your life and that next step in the world of living your purpose.
Make sure to download this FREE amazing Program and share the love of positivity
Remember, as I always say.
“J.A.M.O.D.I,  Just A Matter Of Doing It”
– Turner Cavender
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