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Top 3 Best Stretches to Reduce Back Pain


Top 3 Best Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

Dr. Michel Carr And I (Turner Cavender) get together to explain in a video the 3 best stretches to reduce back pain.

Over the years of racing professional motocross I understand the Importance of a flexibly regimen. I have beat up my back while racing and done a lot of compression and lots of training over the years and with all of that it creates scar tissue.

You may also be able to relate to this as well due to your own history or exercise or sport specific Training.

the most Popular way many people could relate to this is the large amounts of time being in a seated position at a desk or workplace.

This creates many things to happen. The Soas ( hip flexor ) to become very tight and shortened. this creates lower back pain and discomfort.

here we will take you the 3 Best Stretches to reduce pain and discomfort:

1.) Stretching the Soas (Hip Flexer) 

Instruction: while in a kneeling lunge position, Press hips forward to stretch the Soas (Hip Flexor)

Duration of the stretch hold: 20 seconds (Repeat on both side for 4 to five rounds)

2.) Stretching the Piriformis: 

instruction Seated option  1: this can be preformed in a chair or office chair at work. cross you legs and place ankle on top opposite knee. while keeping knee parallel to the ground, Lean forward over legs with chest upward.

instruction laying option  2: while laying on back cross legs the same way as if you were seated. but this time you would reach though your leg and pull on your knee that the ankle is placed on top of

Duration of the stretch hold: 20 seconds (Repeat on both side for 4 to five rounds)

3. Stretching the Hamstrings:

instruction laying with towel option 1: laying on back use towel to place around foot to pull Leg toward torso while trying to keep leg strait as possible.

instruction laying with buddy option 2: while laying on back have your buddy lift your leg to stretch your leg while keeping your leg as strait as possible.

Duration of the stretch hold: 20 seconds (Repeat on both side for 4 to five rounds)

Tips on stretching:

DO NOT BOUNCE, as you stretch you are already taking your muscles to its full range of length. and when you bounce on top of that it can create micro tears and also cause your muscles fiber to react and tense up and make it hard to stretch the muscle due to the body try to protect itself from injury.

Use these amazing and simple flexibly exercises to increases your range on motion and over all energy levels. but most of all knock out that pain and discomfort in your back.


JAMODI ‘Just A Matter Of Doing It.

– Turner Cavender 

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