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Achieving your Summer Body|First Steps of Ballsy goal setting & Domination Planing


Achieving your Summer Body|First Steps of Ballsy goal setting & Domination Planing

Achieving Your Summer Body before Spring and Summer is here

Stephanie and I will be your Coach throughout the entire series to help you achieve that sexy body!!!

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In this Episode, we are going to discuss, “First Steps of Ballsy goal setting & Domination Planing” to achieving that summer body you want this season!

1.) First Step is: “Setting a Ballsy Goal”

  •  Out of mind out of sight: Writing your goal down and putting it to the side so that you can reflect on later to keep you on track and remind your self why you are doing to get to the goal you want in the end

(sounds cheesy , but trust me it WORKS!)

2.) Second Step: Domination Planing (Progression Action Plan)

Example of setting a action plan would be the following:

  • Waking up at a earlier set time vs later in the day and working out
  • Drinking water vs drinking soda
  • Taking the Stairs vs the elevator

3.) Third Step: Keeping your goals Measurable

Having a goal that is measurable is very important to keeping your self motivated during the journey to your Summer body.

For example, being able to Measure your progress during your journey is also impacting such as:

  • Taking a before picture of your self on day one and taking a new one every week
  • Taking wight/fat percentage/body inches to retake on a weekly or bi-weekly manner to see how well your doing
  • -tracking how many workouts your doing weekly yo see if you are doing more or slacking and not getting enough workouts in
  • Tracking food intake
  • Tracking Steps & etc.

All of these can be a huge help to stay motivated and keeping your eyes on the prize of your summer body!

4.) Take home Exercise Movements for today!

in this section of the episode Stephanie demonstrates the movements while I explain proper form and progression to each moment.

  • Squat to Chair ( Squaty potty) to a regular Squat
  • Plank to a Push up on knees to a regular push up.


Join our 21 Day Evolution, this is an amazing program to help you get to your summer goal before its here already!

Stephanie and I love helping others and also share a passion for it, so we created a Program called the 21 Day Evolution.

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