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Building a Back The Old School With IFBB PRO Dr. Kevin Oforum


Building a Back The Old School With IFBB PRO Dr. Kevin Oforum

Kevin shows you how to build mass and quality of muscle using raw heavy weight, going back to back lifting heavy the old school way. He emphasizes on the importance of a full stretch on every exercise and really focuses on taking time to control that mind muscle connection for best results.

The warm-up
assisted pull ups will give you a better full range of motion and full stretch, we want to get the blood flowing so we will be modifying this warm up using the rope on the seated lat pull down making sure to get a full squeeze at the bottom.

  • seated lat pull down (with rope)
    -you will be completing 5 sets all together.
    -2 warm up sets
    -3 working heavier sets
    -completing 15-20 fairly heavy reps each set
    -make sure to get a full stretch at top
    -squeeze lats at the bottom
  • Pull ups
    -wide grip hand position palms facing out
    -3 sets total
    -completing 15-20 reps each set
  • Seated Wide-Grip Rows
    -wide grip Pull high then pull low on every other rep and repeat
    -3 sets total
    -completing 16 reps each set

Seated Wide-Grip Row
– Switch every other rep to Row high and row low to lower sternum

you will be going up in weight every set if you can, using a mix of machines and free weights so you get the best of both worlds.

  • Hammer Strength (uni-lateral)
    -you will be facing diagonal with single arm pull down
    -get that full stretch at top
    -make sure to pull elbow back
    -3 sets total on each side
    -completing 10-15 reps each arm
  • Seated Wide Grip Row
    -you will be separating upper and lower back
    -3 sets total
    -pull high, pull low for 16 reps each set
    -control and contract
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Rows
    -3 sets on each side
    -10 reps each arm
    -pyramid up in weight
  • Bent Over Rows
    -3 sets total
    -completing 10-15 reps each set
    -bend over at waist driving through elbow


love having with Dr. Kevin Oforum, while always getting great information to the fullest and also killing a workout with the doctor himself!


Try out this awesome back workout and let us know what you think


Thank you, and Remember, J.a.m.o.d.i.

It’s just a matter of doing it!

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