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🍨Sunday Snack Chocolate Cherry Bomb Protein Balls


🍨Sunday Snack Chocolate Cherry Bomb Protein Balls

Only 5 ingredients to make these bad boys. Set them out on a plate and drizzle with

melted dark chocolate. It will look like dessert has come early… Your guests will be fooled, and

make sure to let them know they will give you a burst of energy.


1 cup Almonds

2/3 cup Dried Cherries

2/3 cup Pitted Dates

1/4 cup Dark Chocolate Chips


1. Add all ingredients into a bowl or food processor and blend until a thick dough starts

to form. Add water if needed.

2. Roll into small bite sized balls and drizzle with chocolate if desired.

Refrigerate or freeze.

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  • Turner Cavender
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