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Why Energy Drinks Are Bad for You


Why Energy Drinks Are Bad for You

In this Video I will walk you though 8 solid reasons why energy drinks are bad for you.

I will break down all 8 reasons why you should not be drinking energy drinks when you think you just need a  energy boost or just in general.

Reasons why you should not drink energy drinks:

  1. Anxiety inducing
  2. Empty Calories Add up
  3. Cant Sleep 
  4. Headaches 
  5. Sweating too much 
  6. Digestion Problems 
  7. Hert Palpitations
  8. Impaired Focus 

These reasons alone to keep you from drinking energy drinks. it is very important to not get caught drinking these on a daily bases to these above reasons to happen to you.

you have one body and one life. lets make the best of it and get that temple of a body the best fuel you can to feel the best.


Thank you for making to time to read this.

Remember, JAMODI It’s “Just A Matter Of Doing It”

– Turner Cavender

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