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Discussing Health and Happiness with Greg McCoy

Mindset & Motivation

Discussing Health and Happiness with Greg McCoy

We have Greg McCoy come in to see us again, to discuss a topic that he and i share together so Strongly. If you missed our last Interview you can see it HERE and is you don’t know how Greg is.. let me give him an introduction!!!!!

Greg McCoy is part owner of several amazing companies such as …destination Dallas, Better Bodies and GASP. Better Bodies is Global men’s and women’ fitness lifestyle brand and apparel company ( GASP is a global men’s only training and lifestyle brand ( …destination Dallas is a fitness community and gym located in North Dallas/Plano, Texas (

Before ewe got started in really Digging into what we really have passion that screams through out skin, We went over a few important and exciting releases from both brands:

Recently Greg as Celebrated a 4 year anniversary for …destination Dallas here in Plano, Texas. where it was a open house, free to everyone and had amazing events and workouts and seminars. also served free food and had a Dj at a late night workout session till 2 am!

Better Bodies Women line:


  • Seamless tights
  • Mid- waist
  • Full length
  • Embossed logo elastic at waist.

Greg Quotes ” If your ass doesn’t look good in these your ass doesn’t look good at all”



Better Bodies Mens Line:

Harlem tank :

New Cut, Camo is the “in”

• Raw cut sleeves for an attitude-loaded look
• Crew neck
• Rounded, raw cut hem


GASP Mens Throw Back  Collection

Essential mesh short:

• Knee length shorts
• Classic single layer GASP mesh
• Adjustable drawstring inside waist
• Front pockets with zippers – keep your belongings safe!



Lets Jump into what we really wanna Drive into and have stupid amount of passion and drive for.

Positivity can Spread like Wild fire but so can Negativity

Negativity and Spread so quickly from waking up in the morning feeling like shit and then driving to work and flipping someone off and then that person does the same by spreading the same short and negative vibe to the world.

But Positivity can Spread just as fast, one positive person in the universe and impact everyone around that person with he/hers vibes and willingness to love and care for those around them to impact to spread that Positivity just as fast as wild fire.


You are in control of YOUR health YOU are NOT a VICTUM of your lifestyle…

There are more People unhappy, because of the physical health, mental health and the stresses of modern society.

the Biggest issue most have is expecting something to happen over night or in a very short Period of time.  For example, people see Instagram photos or magazines, then go out and start this fitness journey all out, with no taper up to the full lifestyle to achieve those amazing abs or body image that they have for them selfs.

they start this journey and then get frustrated after only a week or so…. and most of the time give up. instead of doing that, you can baby step into a new lifestyle that would prevent you from rebelling a week into a new Fitness program and eating regimen.


we would highly recommend trying Transformation BluePrint from Build And Shred Academy

its the same as you didn’t get to feeling the way you did today or looking the way you did today. it took time for it to happen, as well as it will take time and consistency to achieve the goal desired.


Putting Context into numbers

Most of the worlds cost to Health problems can be prevented by simply exercising, or for god sake.. take a walk or use the Stairs.  In todays work place many people find them self not exercising and eating to much, witch leads to all of the following, health problems, Mental issues and over stressing.

please.. hear us out… GET UP AND EXERCISE.. it really can be that easy.. there is no easy button in life.. but hell that pretty damn easy.


Help is on the way !!


this act is pending but is in the Making and when it passes you can claim $2,000 of fitness expanse that you can write off on your yearly taxes and get a discount on you taxes.

this includes:

  • gym memberships
  • Personal Training cost
  • or anything that has to do with improving your health (everything legal that is)

A Simply Remedy to Start with..

lets plan you a start to a new “Healthy life”

Studies show a simple 20 mins walk can improve brain function and productive work life after a simple 20 mins walk. Now, not only with this help your brain function and activation of your brain to help with focus. But this can also help with blood flow and hormones released in the body to give you that ” Feel good” and also decrease stress levels that the normal person deals with on a daily basis.

so Lets start your self with a WALK.. do this daily and many times in one day… as your taking your baby steps we can then bay steps you into the  Transformation BluePrint from Build And Shred Academy and really make a huge difference in the YOU and the people that are around you while you are a Positive vibe that will be in the universe.


Greg and I believe fitness has the capability to change the world for the better. As greg says “ If you take one person from unhealthy to healthy, that person is a positive force in the world now, and if you can change enough of those people, you can make a huge positive impact in world as a whole.”

Download your FREE Transformation BluePrint HERE to make a positive impact in your life and that next step in the world of living your purpose.
Make sure to download this FREE amazing Program and share the love of positivity
Remember, as I always say.
“J.A.M.O.D.I,  Just A Matter Of Doing It”
– Turner Cavender





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