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Healthy Eating Habits


Healthy Eating Habits

In this Video I shows you how to Achieve Healthy eating habits and the difference being in a “Survival State”  and a “Healthy State” of Eating habits.

“Survival State”

Most people have a normal daily intake of 2-3 meals a day, This would put you in a “survival state”. This means when you only have 2- 3 meals a day this would put you in a state of survival of holding on to any Kcals intake and storing as fat. the reason for this, is that your body is not expecting you to have many Kcal or meal in a day for it stores more body fat to function on when you are not intaking frequent meals.

The Solution getting out of “Survival State” to a “Healthy State” is to intake 5-6 small frequent meals daily.

“Healthy State”

This would increases you Metabolism and Basal metabolic rate so that you burn off that excess body fat because the body is expecting to receive more meals in one day and use that as fuel Versus only the body fat stored in the body.

It is very easy to do if you prepare yourself for your day and have 5-6 meals prepared and ready to eat when its time, rather than waiting to eat when you have enough time for breakfast or when you have a brake for lunch and or you get home from work.

you can make this happen you you prepare for success. Because with you fail to prepare, you are preparing for failure.

Healthy eating habits tip: 

Try and eat your last meal at least 1 and half – 2 hours before bedtime: The reason for this is that if you eat to close to bed time you will risk the chance of gaining more body fat do to the body storing it as fat when you lay down right after a meal.

  • Eat as soon as you wake up: when you wake up, it is that time where you metabolism is at its slowest. it is best to eat as soon as you wake up to increase the rate or you metabolism and get your body turned on and fat burning.

thanks for taking the time to read this.

Remember, JAMODI, its “Just A Matter Of Doing It”

– Turner Cavender

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