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Legs and Booty Workout with Tawna Eubanks


Legs and Booty Workout with Tawna Eubanks


Today we catch up with  Tawna Eubanks-McCoy, IFBB Bikini Pro, Model, Posing Coach, Better Bodies Athlete, the list goes on and on with this powerhouse beauty, she always finds time to train hard in the gym while keeping up with her busy lifestyle all while staying on track with her fitness and goals.

She is an inspiration to many! Check out this power lifting style leg and booty workout.

The Warm up

  • Squats

-3 sets total

-3-5 reps each set

-make sure to stretch all the way down (ass to grass)

-keep progressing up in weight

-you want your joints to loosen up during this warm up

The Workout

  • Squats

-2 sets total

-5 reps each set

-2-3 minute breaks in between sets

-progress up in weight by at least 5 lbs.

-use a spotter or “ghost spot” since you will be squatting fairly heavy, its not just for safety but it will allow you to gain confidence in your strength and to push yourself past your limits.

  • Front Squats

-warm up first with 2 sets of 3 reps using light weight

-2 working sets total

-3 reps each set using heavier weight

-keep bar on front of shoulders and cross arms shoulder to shoulder

-rest for 2 min between sets

  • Dumbbell Back Extension

-2 sets total

-12 reps each set

-keep back in neutral position and don’t arch

-stretch all the way down and squeeze glutes at top

-hold dumbbell close to chest the entire set

  • Double Banded Hip Thrusts

-3 sets total

-10 reps each set

-squeeze glutes at top

-make sure to keep heels at 90 degrees in line with knees

-keep eyes forward

-do not arch back at bottom

-keep torso neutral and in line to activate glutes

  • Lying Leg Curls

-1 warm up set  of 10 reps with light weight

-2 working sets with heavier weight

-10 reps each set progress up in weight

-stretch all the way touching glutes and squeeze hamstrings at top

  • Banded Seated Abduction

-1 set of 30 reps

-working the upper and outer glute

-place band right below the knees with good tension

-keep the squeeze strong the entire set

  • Standing Ankle Weight

-2 sets on each leg

-12 reps each set, each leg

-bring foot behind and squeeze out

-using light-medium weight


We had  a blast with Tawna Eubanks and her spunky fun personality, and got herself a great booty burn workout.

give the workout a try and tell us what you think!


Thank you, and Remember, J.a.m.o.d.i.

It’s just a matter of doing it!

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