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Minimal Equipment Dumbbell HIIT Workout


Minimal Equipment Dumbbell HIIT Workout

I wanted to show how easy it was to get a workout in with minimal equipment by using only one pair of dumbbells.

I see day in and day out people making excess that they need some 5 star machine or gym just to be able to get their workout in or even somewhat of one even when they do have that.

I wanted to prove you don’t need all that shit just to get the work in.

Ill put it to you like this, I 5 pound rock is the same as a 5 pound dumbbell.

so, I put athlete Briana Sixta to a workout that I have designed, to demonstrate how easy it easy to get a hardcore workout in with minimal equipment.

Dumbbell HIIT Workout routine:

– Every Exercise will be 20 Reps

– 20 second rest between exercises

  • Squat with alternation front raises to lateral raises
  • Overhead dumbbell weighted Crunches
  • Stationary Reverse lunge with Dumbbell Curl to Shoulder Press
  • Plank dumbbell renegade row
  • Dumbbell shoulder press jumping jacks
  • Seated Dumbbell Russian Twist
  • Dumbbell weighted alternating lateral lunge
  • Dumbbell over head tricep extensions
  • Dumbbell Weighted V-seated in-outs
  • Dumbbell weighted Strait leg deadlifts

Repeat for 5 Rounds


Give this work out a try and share with us how it went for you


– Turner Cavender

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