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SEX Workout (GASP!) with Rachel Starr


SEX Workout (GASP!) with Rachel Starr

Today, we’re talking about SEX… yes, sex. Don’t freak out. It’s only natural and well, you want to be good at it, don’t you?

That being said, who better to have bring some insider knowledge to us than famed adult actress, Rachel Starr? Rachel gives us the most common sexual positions and one advanced maneuver for you over achievers out there 😉

I bring me expertise in by sharing how to prepare yourself physically so you can be a Super Man or Woman in the bedroom.


#1 Cowgirl

Guy – Crunch / Glute Bridge

( 1 Crunch + 1 Glute Bridge = 1 Rep. Continue until fatigued.)

Girl – Deep Sumo Squat Thrusts

( 8-10 inch movements. Continue until fatigued)


#2 Reverse Cowgirl

Guy – Take a break

Girl – Deep Sumo Squat Thrusts

(Use elbows to expand knees outwards. 8-10 inch movements. Continue until fatigued.)


#3 Doggystyle

Guy – Deadlift to Glute Extensions

(Keep chest up. Squeeze glute for stronger power)

Girl – Plank to Tricep Extension

(Keep knees down …or raise knees to show’em who’s boss)

#4 Spoon

Guy/Girl – Side Crunches

(Lift “bedside” shoulder blades. Connect “top side” knee to elbow.)


#5 Pile Driver

Guy – Sumo Squat Thrusts

(Try to dig deep.)

– Bent Over Row

(Lift weights, not heavy.)

Girl – Just breathe 😉


Give this workout a shot if you’re looking to show off a bit with your significant other or you’re just looking to prepare yourself for a “busy” summer. lol ????


Remember as I always say,

“J.A.M.O.D.I. , Just A Matter Of Doing It.”


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